Tune In!

Tune in! – A transformative gong bath

“I trust myself to know and do what’s right for me and will give and take and mould and shape a new reality”  Kaypacha

A time to tune in, to feel part of the pulse of the natural world, to connect to the cyclical flow. After taking this into a guided meditation, we enter a deeply relaxing and transforming gong bath. Let’s dream a new dream together where the structures of our society are designed to support our emotional wellbeing and the renewing and sustaining of our beloved earth.

Our sessions happen on selected dates honouring the rhythms of the universe of which we are a part . Please bring a Yoga mat and be mindful that the main part of our session will be lying down. So please dress warm and comfortable, bring a blanket to stay warm and a cushion or pillow for under your head and what else you might need to be comfortable (ie a cushioned mat). There will be herbal tea available as refreshment.

Tune In! is offered by:
Achim Brandenburg: Trance & Sound worker |“Achim’s gong baths are legendary. He takes you into the potentiality where all can be undone and reconfigured in a fresh more helpful way.” mail@trancework.org  www.trancework.org
Lucy E.M. Hunter: Yoga Teacher & Intuitive | “Lucy is wonderfully intuitive to what the class and each individual needs – helping you get the most out of each session; and she has a great sense of humour too!” lucyhunter27@mac.com www.lucyemhunter.co.uk

Dates will be added soon. Please subscribe to the newsletter or follow on Facebook for updates.

Lucy & Achim

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