Into The Present, a collaboration with Yoga teacher Lucy Hunter is exploring our presence in the here and now by accessing the energy centres of the body. An explorative workshop of sound, movement and yoga.


Tune In! on selected dates honouring the rhythms of the universe of which we are a part we are offering a time to tune in, to feel part of the pulse of the natural world and connect to the cyclical flow.


Sound as entry point and support for self-curiosity, a recording for the IAGC community, containing a description of commonly used instruments and an exploratory sound journey

January ’20
Pictures from an event with Chanan Tej at St. Mark’s in Portobello, playing the gongs for her Kundalini Yoga workshop.

January ’20
What better way than starting 2020 with a deeply relaxing sound journey? Take a moment to let everything you have achieved and learned in 2019 settle, check in what it is that you want to inform your 2020 and connect with your resources. The deep relaxation provided by the gong is a wonderful and supportive place for ideas to form, clarity to be received or things from the past coming to a close. New Year’s Day 2020 at Walk the Talk Studios

November ’19
I will be joining Rebekah Shaman for an event in the Swiss Church in central London with my instruments.


August ’19
I have started a new event with Lucy E M Hunter called Tune in Thursday. Every Thursday before a full moon, we will tune in to what is going on in the universe and take that into a gong bath.


May ’19
Into The Present has – and I am happy to say: by public demand – returned in 2019! Every third Sunday of the month, we will explore the energies of the chakras in a unique experience of Sound & Yoga. There is no need for previous yoga experience as all the poses can be adjusted to suit individual needs. We return to the beautiful rooms of East Side Yoga Edinburgh for that.


May ’19
Here are some pictures from Detox Health Beauty Festival at Archerfield Walled Garden on Saturday 11th May were I was giving free tasters for my gong work. Together with Carole Monnier and Jo Coley, we brought the sound of the Gong to around 250 people.


The flyer for the 2018 run of Into The Present!:

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