There are times in our lives when we experience crisis or problems, quite often when change is happening. That change can be both internally within us or externally around us. Our usual ways become unworkable or unattractive and it is common to feel locked into a state of discomfort and helplessness, with the thought “I don’t know what to do”. Self-relational work helps to move away from that locked state, allowing us to find creative solutions again, to see a clearer way ahead, and to find answers in ourselves on how to improve the way we handle life. The feeling of being stuck once resolved makes way for experiencing flow with the world around us. Bringing your full self into resonance with the world.

What I offer
My background and unique skill set make me a great match for those who are looking for better ways to remain in balance. That can mean being passionately connected to a job without running danger of burning out. A change in life circumstances that is demanding a different role while remaining our authentic selves. Or knowing that a part of you has always been a bit on the back burner and deserves to find a more central spot in your life. I provide support by working with a mixture of generative coaching and somatic tools in combination with sound. I see theses elements as complementary of each other. Sound, beautifully but effectively works to bypass a state when our brain is literal-minded and locked into a problem. I strongly focus on my clients individual resources and help to keep them accessible. The work I provide is holistic and solution focussed, disclosure of what a client wants to improve is not necessary for sound work. Support with anxiety and conditions linked to trauma are a main emphasis of my work. I provide sessions in both English and German.

Sound consulting for therapists: If you are looking to include sound in your work and would like support with that, please contact me. I can advise you on finding the right way for you, be it recorded sounds or instruments to be used by you or your clients.

My background
I have been working internationally with music and sound for over 25 years as a DJ, producer, music programmer and sound designer, and it was a logical progression for me to expand the ways I work with sound. Music and sound have often been the only ways to switch off an overactive brain and have been the go-to ways throughout my life to get relief from anxiety or stress. My trainings include hypnotherapy, mediation, sound therapy, psychotraumatology and generative and creative mind coaching. I am a member of the LGBT+ community.

Client Feedback
“I went to Achim for hypnotherapy having no idea how it worked, I was very pleasantly surprised. I found myself really looking forward to our sessions each week and how deeply relaxed I would feel afterwards. Achim has a very gentle and reassuring way about him, making you feel completely at ease. Over the course of sessions Achim helped me overcome a mental block which had been holding me back for years. Finding the root of it and understanding the fear really helped me move past it. I was also at a time in my life when lots of things were changing and I felt completely overwhelmed by all I had to do. Achim helped me break things down into small steps, look at all the possible outcomes and made me realise I had the tools to cope, even if it all went wrong. It really helped reduce my anxiety. On our final sessions I left feeling like I had already conquered and achieved my goals. Now a few months down the line, I actually have! I think everyone could benefit from working with Achim. It’s amazing what making some time for yourself and having some support can achieve.”

“Achim’s gong baths are legendary. He takes you into the potentiality where all can be undone and reconfigured in a fresh more helpful way.”

“I have had the privilege of experiencing Achim’s work with hypnotherapy and sound on a number of occasions and I highly recommend it to anyone who may feel stuck in a situation, no matter how big or small. Not only does he have a beautiful gift for putting you at ease in the present moment, the lasting effects of his work are truly worthwhile. Personally, my experience with him has resulted in opening up a pathway that I didn’t believe possible before, beginning with some seemingly subtle changes but what I now realise, in retrospect, have been extremely profound. Do yourself a favour, be kind to yourself and give it a go!”

“I have done one of Achim’s sound baths and it was one of the most healing, clarifying, and beautiful experiences of my life. I highly recommend this!”

Feedback for work with Lucy E.M. Hunter for the “Into the Present” sessions:
“A great combination of focused yoga interspersed with soundwork and an hours deep sound bath to finish. Two masters at work. Perfect Sunday deep rest, healing and replenishment experience. The whole programme – boosting each chakra in turn – will be an highly nurturing personal development journey.”

“I very much enjoyed the event yesterday. I thought it was a marvellous combination- yoga, chakras and music, little bit of neuroscience and affirmations. It was lovely. I really enjoyed the yoga- the small movements really allowed me to feel into my body. And the sound was just sublime.”

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